City Ordinances

Ordinance 972-Closing hours of Swope Park

Ordinance 971-Setting minimum square footage of single family dwellings to 500 sq. ft

Ordinance 970-Moving requirements for a manufactured home

Ordinance 969-Requirements for a residential design manufactured home

Ordinance 968-Requirements for a residential single family detached dwelling

Ordinance 967

Ordinance 966-Adopting National Building Code, Edition of 2015

Ordinance 965-Changing Meeting Times

Ordinance 964-Transitioning Elections to November

Ordinance 963-Creating the Public Building Commission

Ordinance 962-Changing Water Bill due dates

Ordinance 961-Allowing Consumption of Alcohol on City owned Property, exempting certain locations

Ordinance 960-Extending Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

Ordinance 959-Creating Christmas Lights Fund

Ordinance 958-Standard Traffic Ordinance, 2015

Ordinance 957-Uniform Public Offense Code, 2015

Ordinance 956-Truck Parking at City Shop

Ordinance 955-Chase County Fire District

Ordinance 954-Solid Waste Rates

Ordinance 953-Qualifications of Officers of the City

Ordinance 952 was inadvertently skipped

Ordinance 951-Annexation

Ordinance 933-Fireworks

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